Apple starts showing advertising on iOS

Apple begins to show ads on iOS, something that its users are not liking.

One of the things we like least about certain Android phones is that many brands tend to introduce a multitude of bloatware apps into their customization layers as well as advertising.

Xiaomi, one of our favorite mobile phone brands, was highly criticized at the time for including a lot of advertising on its devices and it is that users did not understand that if one had paid for a smartphone, had to endure publicity on some occasions, quite intrusive

Now, it seems that not only Android phone brands show advertising, but Apple, the company with the bitten apple, is also doing it, something that obviously no one liked.

Apple starts showing ads on its terminals

Apple Music pocophone

Apple starts showing ads to promote its subscriptions

At the beginning of this year 2020 we already warned that iOS had much more adware than one could imagine, above all they were advertisements to subscribe to their services like for example Apple Music, Apple TV and others.

Well, despite the criticism received at the time, Apple has not stopped in this practice but it seems that it has increased it. If before when we entered Apple Music we were prompted to subscribe, now this advertisement even appears in the terminal's own settings.

Tom Warren, editor of the popular outlet The Verge, shared a screenshot of your iPhone settings showing an advertisement to subscribe to Apple Arcade, Apple's video game service that unfortunately is not having the success that was expected.

Of course you have not been the only user but Other iPhone owners have also reported similar ads on Twitter not only from Apple Arcade but from other subscription services of the company with the bitten apple.

Apple knows that its iPhones, iPads, and other technology products are a major source of revenue, but it also knows that the best way to “catch” users is through your subscription servicesHence, apparently so many advertisements appear lately. And beware, if this is done by a company as important as Apple, do not doubt that soon they will all do it too.