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Apple could "copy" one of the most controversial and innovative features of some Chinese mobiles

An iPhone without charging ports?

There is no doubt that Apple is one of the most important technology firms in the world, to the point that there were not a few firms - usually of Chinese origin - that copied many of its aspects.

From the design of the terminals, your events to the way you package your products. In this aspect Apple has always been a benchmarkregardless of whether we think your products are overpriced.

However, the situation could turn around and this time it would be the signature of the bitten apple that "copied" something from Chinese mobiles. What? One of its most controversial and innovative features.

Apple will "borrow" one of the most controversial features of Chinese mobiles

iPhone 12 Pro Blue

The iPhone 12 could be the last iPhone with charging ports

Made in China is no longer scary. Years ago, acquiring a Chinese terminal was a complete lottery but today they dominate the markets. Firms like Xiaomi, realme, OnePlus or OPPO are authentic technological references to the point that even Apple looks at them.

The next iPhone 13 that will be launched next year could come with a very controversial feature and that is that some leakers like Jon Prosser They claim that Apple's future phone will come without a charging port as the medium echoes it explains. Neither lightning nor USB-C.

For example, the Vivo APEX 2020 does not have charging ports and some OPPO phones seem to be going the same way. Although it is a technology that may not be liked by everyone, there is no doubt that it will make smartphones much more beautiful and elegant.

We must remember that Apple has already stopped including accessories such as chargers and headphones in its products, and although it has been a measure highly criticized by almost all users, by eliminating any charging port and leaving only wireless, now they have a good excuse not to incorporate conventional cables and chargers.