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announces a platform with all its programming and archive for 2021

All the programming and the audiovisual archive that are part of the Andalusian public radio and television will make up a new platform that will see the light in the first semester of 2021. This has been announced in an interview with ABC of Seville the head of RTVA, Juande Mellado.

Director has defined this on-demand television platform as "the Netflix of Canal Sur" due to the similarities in terms of consumption on demand that the new Andalusian public media service will have with the almost standard audiovisual content of these times in which linear television is no longer what it used to be.

"In the first half of 2021 we are going to launch Canal Sur's first on-demand consumer platform, Canal Sur's Netflix, an on-demand television where we are going to put all the programming and all the audiovisual archive"

An immense audiovisual heritage available to everyone

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Beyond the comparison with Netflix, which serves to convey the concept of what will be, the platform announced by RTVA highlights the potential of traditional media to disseminate their current content and, above all, their vast audiovisual heritage reflection of the history of the people they serve.

Canal Sur Television was officially born on February 28, 1989, Day of Andalusia, with the mission of being a communicative and informative instrument that contributes to the structuring and social, identity and cultural development of Andalusia.

Thus, over more than three decades, its archives have kept images that are part of the history of the autonomous community and its inhabitants. Living and fundamental images of the Andalusian idiosyncrasy that, if the announcement by the director of RTVA is fulfilled, in about six months will be available to anyone from this platform.

The "Netflix of Canal Sur" joins other attempts by television networks to enter the consumption of on-demand content

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The platform, which It will be accompanied by another dedicated to Canal Sur Radio podcasts, joins other attempts by television networks to enter the consumption of content on demand. Despite having web pages where this is already possible, most of them aim to resemble Netflix and similar services as much as possible.

A good example of this is LOVEStv, the attempt of the big networks to promote the consumption of content parallel to traditional television, or ATRESplayer Premium, the Atresmedia platform that in addition to offering the contents of Antena 3, laSexta and the rest of the group's channels, presents its own content as successful as Poison.

Main Image | Canal Sur Media (CC BY-ND 2.0)