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Android Auto will let you change the wallpaper and other changes that are to come

Android Auto is a convenient way to bring a piece of Android to the car with an interface better adapted to the circumstances. It works well -more or less- but the truth is that to be Android, does not allow you to customize it too much: looks the same everywhere.

The good news is that, as they have been able to discover in XDA after analyzing the APK of the application, two new features would be on the way to reach Android Auto: the ability to change the wallpaper and the shortcuts for Google Assistant shortcuts.

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Wallpapers in Android Auto

The first novelty will bring some customization to Android Auto and, although we have not yet been able to test it in operation, several text strings within the APK leave little to the imagination, speaking of "wallpaper options" and the names of all seven available wallpapers.

Background One of the wallpapers that will be available

Apparently, in the Android Auto settings you can choose between these seven wallpapers. That is, in the beginning it doesn't seem like you can use your own photos, although this can always change between here and the feature is finally available to users. You can view - and download - the backgrounds from the XDA article.

Wizard command shortcuts

Another new customization that is coming to Android Auto are the shortcuts to contacts or Assistant actions, accessible from the section Customize application menu Android Auto.


Until now, you could show or hide applications compatible with Android Auto from this menu, but the possibility of adding shortcuts to contacts -to make a call- or to Google Assistant commands. In the latter case, you write the text to say the Assistant, assign a name to it and that's it.

Via | XDA