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An AI-controlled camera ruins a match broadcast by mistaking the ball for a bald referee

Artificial intelligence is making our lives enormously easier in many areas of our day-to-day life, from personal assistants to taking our photos on a smartphone. However, is still a bit green in some ways to entrust critical tasks in which there may be factors that have not been sufficiently studied.

This has been the case in the video broadcast of a football match, where the camera instead of being controlled by a human operator, was controlled by software. And, assuming that much of what can go wrong ends up going wrong, the broadcast has been ruined because artificial intelligence has mistaken a bald lineman for the ball.

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The broadcast took place in the context of a match in the second division of the Scottish league, known as the Scottish Championship. The local club, Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC, had announced days before that after two successful tests in the last 14 days, they would launch a new broadcasting system. The statement read:

"ICTFC will use live images supplied by the newly installed Pixellot camera system at Caledonian Stadium. The Pixellot system uses cameras with built-in AI ball tracking technology to produce live HD images of all SPFL Championship matches at home. at the Caledonian Stadium. "


However, It is possible that during those 14 days of testing, the service was not tested with a bald player or referee, or with those specific lighting conditions, because as we can see in the video and in the previous tweet, the action with the ball was outside the range of the camera, which was focused on following the movements of the linesman.

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Many team fans They discussed the problem live, but it could not be solved in time. The problem reached the degree that one of the fans of the opposing team, Ayr Utd, complained on Twitter about not being able to see the goal of his team. The match ended 1-1.