MIUI 12.5 begins to reach 6 other Xiaomi phones

All these Xiaomi will receive Android 11 (the list is expanded)

Do you have a Xiaomi? Well, you can now check this filtered list if your mobile will soon update to Android 11 with the mask of MIUI version 13.

For a few weeks now, Android 11 has been freewheeling through the Android catalog, although for now limited to very few devices from very few manufacturers, the majority signed directly or sponsored by Google and its support after the Android One or Android Go programs.

Right here we are tracking all the phones that will receive Android 11, but this week who is cheering us on the update ballot is a Xiaomi that surprised the owners of their best-selling mobile last year, a Redmi Note 8 that will indeed receive MIUI 13 with the model 'Pro' and a good additional list that had already been leaked before including Redmi and Poco phones.

android 11 xiaomi

Xiaomi filters its 'roadmap' of updates to Android 11 ... Will your mobile be updated?

Many different models, a prolific catalog almost impossible to summarize, but also many of the best-selling terminals globally, which makes Xiaomi change on the fly your upgrade plans to new versions 'major' from Android.

In fact, a Telegram channel specialized in the news surrounding the Haidian giant, has published the latest image that it seems to show quite clearly the roadmap What does Xiaomi drive? to update its mobile catalog in the coming weeks and months to Android 11 with MIUI 13 customization, which is already underway in phase beta for many models.

Here you can check full list posted on Telegram:

As you have seen, sources say list is 99% accurate, so you have to believe that all these models are going to receive Android 11 and that we own some of them we can go celebrating it while we bite our nails waiting.

Perhaps the most significant is in fact comment on those who will stay on Android 10 now forever, which are all the Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco that have been launched with MIUI 9, in addition to the Redmi 8, Redmi 8A and 8A Dual along with the Redmi Note 7, 7S and 7 Pro ... Not all of them were going to be updated, of course!