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Google Pay is completely renewed with a new design, an improved app and many more changes.

Maybe the next time you open the Google Pay app on your mobile, the app itself directs you to the Play Store to download a totally renewed version.

Because Google has decided to launch a new Google Pay app, lighter, but also much more versatile and powerful that no longer only serves to make payments and store cards or membership cards. Now, Google Pay also allows keep track of our expenses, get financial recommendations and even access special rewards for the simple fact of using this platform.

Everything that changes with the new Google Pay app

New Google Pay for 2020

Google Pay with new logo.

Technically, the new Google Pay app is not entirely "new." In September 2020, Google announced a completely revamped version of Google Pay for India that would not initially be available in other regions of the world.

And from now on, that same application is the one that will take the place of the Google Pay that we all knew, with some changes carried out by Google to adapt it to the global market.

This application stands out, mainly, for be encoded in Flutter, Google's cross-platform open source development kit, which among other things allows developers to use a same code base for your applications regardless of the platform they are intended for. Thus, the base code of the new Google Pay app is shared between the versions of the app for iOS and Android.

This implies, among other things, that the App experience should be just as good on any mobile platform, and that the news should reach the two platforms practically at the same time since the development process is streamlined to a large degree.

But, What does the new Google Pay app add beyond a new code base? Much: now, Google Pay is no longer just a mobile payments app. With this new edition, Pay is transformed into an entire finance and expense control app thanks to its personalized recommendations and your spending monitor.

Of course: to be able to enjoy this advantage, it will be necessary to hire one of the new Plex credit cards developed by Google in collaboration with the entities CitiBank and Stanford Credit Union. Of course, these cards will only be available in the United States at first, although from next year it is planned to collaborate with other entities, including the Spanish BBVA.

Google Plex Card

Plex, the new Google credit card.

On top of that, the app now allows make payments between individuals. In this way, it is possible send or receive money between family and friends, or even pay to nearby businesses accept this method.

In this sense, businesses such as restaurants and gas stations may include the option to use Google Pay as a payment method, so that users can do everything from their mobile. It will be necessary to see how the reception is on the part of this type of establishment.

Of course, mobile payments via NFC are still present in the application. Only now, the interface has changed and access to our main payment card It's at the top of the screen. By touching it, it will be possible to see the list of last payments, change to other cards or see our loyalty cards or gift cards.

Another novelty is the new profile page, where Google Pay users can see their available balance in the service, in addition to having the option of share your referral code to get rewards. Although today the only reward available is obtained by invite other people to join Google PayAs long as they make a payment, it is to be expected that over time more and more prizes of this type will be included with which to try to attract a greater number of people to the platform.

To conclude, mention that, from now on, our Google Pay account can only be associated with a mobile, and in case of wanting to associate the account to a new device, it will be necessary to close the session in the previous one.

At the moment, the new Google Pay app is in the early access phase, and not available in all countries. In addition, to be able to download it is necessary to have an invitation. It is hoped that its availability will expand over the weeks.