All Disney + keyboard shortcuts on PC

Would you like to learn Disney Plus tricks to handle the platform like an expert? Then the shortcuts will be perfect for you. Why? Because they allow you to do a lot of things easily and quickly. Thanks to this, today we will tell you what they are all Disney + keyboard shortcuts on PC.

Without a doubt, Disney + has become one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world. Thanks to series like The Mandalorian or movies like Avengers: Endgame, Disney Plus has achieved millions of users since its launch in 2019. Are you a regular Disney + user? Well, start using shortcuts as soon as possible.

disney plus shortcuts

Disney + keyboard shortcuts

What are shortcuts for?

Shortcuts in Disney Plus will help you execute actions by simply tapping a few keys on your computer keyboard. In short, they serve so that you can save time and do some things within the platform in a matter of moments. As you must be imagining, they will be very useful if you wanted to become a Disney Plus expert.

List of Disney + keyboard shortcuts on PC

disney plus shortcuts

Here is a list of all the current keyboard shortcuts that are available on PC web browsers when you visit the official Disney Plus website. They also work perfectly on a Chromebook with the Disney + app.

Of course, you must bear in mind that the shortcuts they only work in the Android app when you use a Chromebook. That is, it does not work if you use a virtual or physical keyboard on a smartphone or tablet that has Android as the operating system.

If you wanted to take your Disney Plus experience to another level, then start using the following shortcuts.

All Disney Plus shortcuts

All Disney Plus shortcuts

  • M: mute sound
  • F: mode fullscreen.
  • Esc: exit full screen mode.
  • Space bar: play or pause the video.
  • Right arrow: fast forward 10 seconds in the video.
  • Space bar: play or pause the video.
  • Right arrow: fast forward 10 seconds in a video.
  • Left arrow: go back 10 seconds in a video.
  • Tabulator: scroll through menu options top or movie and TV options.
  • Enter: used to access a movie, series, or menu feature that is highlighted.

Until now, these are all the Disney Plus keyboard shortcuts that you can use from your computer. When we discover more or add more to the platform, we will update this post. In the meantime, you already know what shortcuts to use to handle Disney Plus like an expert.

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Of course, remember to check first which are the countries in which Disney Plus is available. Even if you have been in Spain for some time, it is a service that is not yet available in all parts of the world.