After several years accumulating millions of dislikes, YouTube decides to cancel the 'Rewind' of 2020

In 2018, YouTube broke the record for dislikes on the platform with that year's edition of 'YouTube Rewind'. In a matter of hours, it reached over 10 million "I don't like it", and this is the best example to understand how this annual event has been losing interest with each edition.

A few hours ago, the company issued a statement on Twitter, announcing that this year they won't publish their classic 'Rewind'. They allege that "2020 has been a different year, and it doesn't feel right to pretend it wasn't."

The 2019 edition went a bit more unnoticed, since they fled from the original format and opted for a mashup. Dislikes returned, and currently add more than 9.2 million "dislikes" (compared to 3.4 million likes):


A compilation that was born in 2010

YouTube has been creating this compilation video since 2010. It is striking that in the statement they make direct reference to what happened in 2018, although they seek to value what the bet has been with these videos:

"Since 2010 we've ended the year with Rewind: a look back at the most shocking creators, videos and trends. Whether you've loved it, or just remember 2018, Rewind was always a celebration of you."

Going back to 2018, a year that seems to have served as a deadly thrust for this content, at that time YouTube sang the mea culpa, acknowledging that they were going to take note of what happened and that this edition would serve as a turning point:

"It did not accurately show the key moments of the year or reflect the YouTube you know. We will do better to tell our story in 2019."

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YouTube ends this year's statement by stating that "much of what happened in 2020 was created by all of you". This is just what some users are criticizing about this decision, "as tons of creators worked 10 times harder this year to provide people with entertainment and positivity":

Between the pandemic, the American elections and all the conspiracy content around both issues, 2020 would not have been an easy year to create a Rewind. The question now is to know if this is a timely decision or if Rewind has left, never to return. We will have to wait a year to find out.