Adobe launches a beta of Photoshop that finally natively supports Windows 10 in ARM and the new Apple Silicon

Adobe just announced this morning the availability of the Photoshop beta for the new Macs with Apple Silicon chips, which today reach the first users who have bought MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini. It is quite a surprise, well the final version was expected in early 2021Apple said in last week's presentation, in which there was no mention of any beta.

But probably the biggest surprise is that Adobe has also announced the first beta of Photoshop for Windows 10 on ARM, the version of Windows 10 that runs on the Surface Pro X and some other computer. The platform needs a boost at the level of professional applications, and Adobe is key so that, at least at the laptop level, the tables begin to change on the platform.

Betas lacking, but with much higher performance


The first thing Adobe says about both versions is that they don't have official support. That is, they are launched so that users can test the native performance of their chips in Photoshop, but in the event of any problem, Adobe cannot be asked to solve the problems. What can be done is to give feedback to Adobe about the bugs observed.

The bad news about this beta is that it is not just beta for performance, but also for feature availability. Adobe has communicated the list of shortcomings, and that some as important as Camera RAW, motion reduction, Photomerge, multiple filters, etc. The shortcomings are present in both versions, and Adobe promises to add them little by little. If the final version arrives in 2021, as they have promised, it means that they will be incorporated soon.

Microsoft and Adobe make it clear that the transition of their apps from macOS to Apple Silicon will not be the disaster that it was with Intel

About the method to access these beta versions, Adobe indicates that they will be installed only through the Creative Cloud desktop application, so it will only be available to subscribers of the suite or people who are in a trial period. In Apple's announcement, it was also mentioned that Lightroom would arrive next month, so a beta can also be a matter of hours.