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According to a study, you will spend 9 years of your life looking at your mobile

How many years of our life are we in front of a smartphone?

There is no doubt that smartphones are today something essential for - almost - anyone on this planet. It does not matter if it is used only for calling or texting, as a camera, to browse social networks or as a portable office, you can't leave home without your smartphone in your pocket.

However and like everything in this life, excesses are not recommended. Spending a lot of time in front of a smartphone screen can be counterproductive as there are more and more young people addicted to mobile phones.

Have you thought how much time you can spend looking at a mobile throughout your life? The results are scary and give food for thought.

9 years is many years: this is the time we spend in front of a mobile

Understand your audience

3 hours a day for a total of 9 years

According to a study by WhistleOut, people spend almost 9 years of their lives staring at the screens of their smartphones This study was carried out by asking a total of 1,000 people of different age ranges.

According to this study, people spend an average of 3 hours a day using a smartphone and the age at which they usually have their first mobile is 10 years old.

In addition to this, we must analyze other data that honestly do not catch anyone off guard. Those born between 1981 and 1996 spend more time on their phone than anyone else, almost 4 hours a day. Those born between 1965 and 1980 about 3 hours and those born between 1946 and 1964, just 2.5 hours.

Obviously spending a lot of time in front of a smartphone doesn't have to be entirely negative. Because it is not the same to spend 4 hours playing video games than the same hours studying a language or working. Everything has to be seen according to the context.

However as we have already said before, excesses are always bad So if any of you think that you use your mobile a lot, we leave you a few tips to avoid becoming an addict.