a website creates virtual faces from a photo of you to "protect your identity"

You are just completing the registration in an application or service, and it is time to put a profile photo. At this point, and depending on the platform, some people might wonder what to do.

AI Anonymizer is a web page that can serve as a solution, since invites us to use a virtual face to "protect our identity", turning to a face that looks like ours.

Our photograph-IA

The creators of this tool claim that it allows us "give people an idea of ​​what our appearance is like, but avoiding the risk"to really reveal who and how we really are.


To begin with, we must know that can be used completely free, less in two cases: to create an "arsenal of images or to use the generated image for commercial purposes".

It would have some irony if we use a service to protect our identity and it uses the image for other hidden purposes. From the company they assure that "do not store our personal data".

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They recommend that, for best resultsWe must avoid uploading photos in which several faces appear, and uploading portraits in which we are seen clearly and looking straight ahead.

I've tried using it (using royalty-free stock images) and the truth is that the results are quite credible. Here are several examples:

Generate Look A Like Photos To Protect Your Identity

Generate Look A Like Photos To Protect Your Identity

Generate Look A Like Photos To Protect Your Identity

We can choose any of the generated images, and clicking on it will allow us (in addition to downloading it) to change the background color. The free version allows us to download the image to 512x512 pixels. If we want higher quality, we will have to go to the box and pay the $ 19.99 for the monthly subscription.

Neutral Asian Young Adult Female With Medium Black Hair And Brown Eyes Generated Photos

In what situations may we need to use a service like this? The possibilities are almost endless, and that will depend on each person and how they want to present themselves in certain circles.