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a spectacular 'Tekken' style game that sweeps the Google Play Store

Shadow Fight has long been one of the most spectacular sagas when it comes to fighting games. His latest installment is 'Shadow Fight Arena', and we wanted to try it after seeing that it is sweeping in the last hours in the Play Store.

This is the most current installment of Shadow Fight, a new game that allows us play in teams of three against three players, with a spectacular combat system and incredible graphics.

This is 'Shadow Fight Arena'

Image 2020 11 05 10 06 28 First of all: the tutorial to learn to move and fight.

Shadow Fight Arena has just landed on Google Play and has already accumulated more than 100,000 downloads. It is in its version 0.4.11, it is compatible with Android 5 and higher and has a weight of 99 megabytes. When starting the game the first thing we come across is the tutorial, which is completed in a few minutes. From the first moment we see that the graphic section is great, and we can move it even if our terminal is mid-range: the game is highly optimized.

Image 2020 11 05 10 06 35 After completing the tutorial we can start to beat.

After completing the tutorial, and after fighting a few times with bots, we can start playing online. The matches are always three against three players, and it is not won until we have defeated all three. It is a format that reminds us of proposals like 'Tekken', with a very pampered combat system: blocks, special attacks, abilities of each character, etc.

Image 2020 11 05 10 06 34

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The game is completely free, but we have a micro-payment system with which we can level up the character more easily. Is not a pay to win since with enough skill we can beat any opponent, but it will always be easier if we go through the box. 'Shadow Fight Arena' has left us with a great taste in our mouths: it's fun, it has good graphics and the fighting is quite successful.

Shadow Fight Arena

Shadow Fight Arena