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a spectacular game that mixes the best of 'Fortnite' with 'Minecraft'

If 'Minecraft' and 'Fortnite' had a child it would be called 'Pixel Strike 3D', a game that sweeps Google Play with more than a million downloads. The game has been on Google Play for a long time, but it has evolved in a more than remarkable way and today it is at one of its best ripening points.

A Battle Royale with the aesthetics of Fortnite, airplane launch included. We are going to tell you how this game is currently and why it is one of the most successful alternatives that are reaping in the Google application store.

A Fornite with Minecraft aesthetics

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Pixel Strike 3D is a multiplayer FPS Battle Royale. In other words, a first person game where the objective is to kill the rest of the players. It's a heavy game with more than 400 megabytes of weight. The graphic section, despite being simple in the Minecraft style, is very careful, and it moves at 60 FPS constantly if the mobile is powerful.

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When opening the game we create our player, customizable with various skins. The game has multiple modes in its menu, but we are going to focus on the Battle Royale mode, which is the star mode. Like in Fortnite or PUBG, we jump from a plane to land at the point we want on the map.

We get off the plane knife in hand, look for weapons and try to be the first while the rest of the players kill each other

We landed with a knife in hand and we are collecting weapons to kill the opponents (25 players). The circle closes little by little, until the end of the game takes place in a restricted area of ​​the map, as in the rest of Battle Royale.

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The game is completely free, although there are in-app purchases to customize the character and more. The games are short (less than 10 minutes), so we can have a fun time away from the 20 minutes that a game of 'Fortnite' or 'PUBG' can last.

Pixel Strike 3D

Pixel Strike 3D