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a new website allows you to connect an Android to your computer without installing anything

ADB is a way to communicate with an Android device from the computer in order to interact with the system: from uploading APKs to removing pre-installed apps. Until now, you had to install ADB on your computer to be able to use it, but a new website allows you to skip that step to communicate with an Android without downloading any software.

The ADB commands became less important once root has become more and more dispensable. Still, ADB commands are extremely useful for developers as they allow them to communicate with an Android device to obtain information and interact with the system. You are not a developer and still need to use ADB? Well, you no longer have to perform installations on your computer.

As simple as loading a web page

Webadb Screenshot using WebADB

Until now, the usual thing was to download 'platform-tools' from the Android developers page, install it on the hard drive and, in addition, load the USB drivers of the Android device to connect. This process is not very complicated, yes something cumbersome. And it does not always work correctly, there may be various drawbacks (system incompatibility, connection errors, incorrect USB driver ...). All this is solved with the new WebADB.

ADB on Android: what it is and what you can use it for

The developers of the website have integrated an ADB server that works across browsers; currently in the latest Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, both desktop. Once the web is loaded, and the mobile is connected, we can perform the usual operations from the desktop browser without installing anything. Send commands, capture the phone screen, we can send and receive files and even control the mobile from the browser. Is awesome.


To use WebADB, simply do the following:

  • Access the development options of your mobile (if you do not have them active, click ten times on 'Build number', in the software options) and mark 'USB debugging'.

  • Connect the mobile to the computer via USB and keep the screen on.

  • Load the WebADB page from your computer. It must be a recent version of Chrome (Brave works too) or Microsoft Edge).


  • Click on 'Add device', choose your connected Android and accepts the RSA key that appears on the mobile screen.

  • Click on 'Connect' and you will have your mobile and computer connected via ADB.

All available command options appear in the WebADB window (on the left side). You can get the device information, take screenshots, send commands using ADB Shell and even using the mobile from the computer they use Scrpy, WebADB is super complete. It works perfectly on most Android (with Samsung it can give problems) and avoids the installation of software on the computer.

Via | XDA Developers