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A manufacturer of luxury beds has launched an app to measure the quality of sleep

Another app to measure sleep to add to the list.

We all know the importance of sleep. We have read on more than one occasion that it depends on how we sleep, the quality and the hours, our health will be better or worse. So evidently the dream was also going to become a business.

Today we find multitude of applications or gadgets that help us to measure sleep and therefore be able to monitor it, such as the economic Xiaomi Mi Band or the more expensive Apple Watch.

Now the latest to join this exciting world is a rich bed maker who has just launched its own app to measure the quality of our sleep. Will it be worth it?

A manufacturer of luxury beds launches its own sleep app ... completely free

Luxury bed

Their beds cost thousands and thousands of euros, their application is free

Hästens is a bed manufacturer known for its high prices. We are talking about a top manufacturer since not only celebrities sleep on their beds, but also royal families from all over the world.

Of Swedish origin - just like Ikea - Hästens has realized that technology is essential today so even they, who sell beds of up to 300,000 euros, also want to use it.

That is why they have launched an app to measure the quality of our sleep. According to Europa Press, it is an application that is not only limited to mindfulness but it helps to change and improve the sensations that we can experience in our day to day.

The tool is based on the methodology of cardiologist and mathematician Dr. Jussi Eerikäinen and leadership specialist Peter von Ah, combining frequency tones and music to help improve concentration and therefore the quality of people's sleep.

Curiously, and despite the fact that this company's beds are not suitable for all budgets, the app is completely free. Unfortunately at the moment it is not available for Android but only for iOS. Could it be that the rich only have iPhones? Well, less in China of course.