8 websites to play chess, improve your technique and analyze the movements of the great champions

'Lady's Gambit' is breaking records on Netflix, and this season has become the most viewed series on the platform. In addition, tools such as Google Trends show that interest in chess has grown a lot in the last 12 months.

What's more, searches for "chess" on Google are at their highest peak in the last 14 years:

Chess Explore Google Trends

We're not all born chess geniuses, Like Beth Harmon (the protagonist of the series), so getting to master this game minimally requires investing a large number of hours in training and practice.

That is why we have decided collect some resources that can help us improve and analyzer our plays, ideal for those who are joining this sudden passion for chess.


Portals like Chess.com have experienced unimaginable growth a few months ago, with more than 100,000 new registrations per day throughout this month of November (as confirmed by Nick Barton, director of business development for the platform, to Business Insider).

"Almost every day in November we have set a new record for the number of new users."

This platform was born in 2005, when two Stanford students rejected an offer to join Facebook. A positive point is that this portal it is translated into many languages (for example, Spanish).

Chess Com Free Online Chess On Portal 1

At the time of writing this article there are almost 200,000 people playing, with more than 7.5 million games to date. As we see, this makes them self-proclaimed "the number 1 website" when it comes to chess.

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The creators of this platform have known how to take advantage of the pull of 'Lady's Gambit', and that is why They have created a Beth Harmon bot, so that fans of the series can face different virtual versions of this character.

"If you liked the Netflix series 'Lady's Gambit', now you have the opportunity to play against the virtual version of Beth Harmon, at different ages and stages of her chess career. From the little girl who just learned the rules of the game Until his rise to the world elite, now you can face this fascinating character who has had such a great impact on a global level. "

This is how a Malaga native who accumulates thousands of positive votes and comments on Reddit creates these amazing maps


And from a very important platform, we went to another. Launched in 2014, Chess24 is a kind of swiss army knife for chess lovers: tournaments, rivals of all levels, many training possibilities and a super fast load.

An important point is that we can play a game without registeringAlthough the design may not fit the taste of some people (as is my case).

 Your Move Chess24 Com Your Playground Chess24 Com

Although we can play for free, there are premium plans, which give us access to a large amount of training material (for example, books or video tutorials). In addition, if we decide to pay we also have the opportunity to challenge titled players during a streaming.


One of the reasons Lichess is popular is to be a free and open source server. It has mobile applications, both for iOS and Android (both completely free).

Top Rated Tv Ttshov Vs Chessflash88 O Lichess Org

Again, a positive point is that it is not necessary that we register to be able to use it. It has a wide variety of online game modes, and the design is minimalist. Mind you, it lacks the training content that exists on Chess24 and chess.com.


Playchess.com is a platform created by ChessBase, a leading company in the transformation of the chess studio. As with other services, there are also free and paid plans.

Tcec Season 18 Stockfishnnue Vs Top4 Https Tcec Chess Com Games And Results

The interface changes when we opt for a payment plan, but the free version is pretty good. There is a large community of players and it is also possible to play without registration.


This simple web invites us to improve our level "solving puzzles". All ChessPuzzle positions are taken from real tournament games, and we must try to get out of that situation victoriously.

Chesspuzzle Net

Learn by watching others play

If what you are looking for, instead of playing, is to train yourself and see how other people play, ChessBomb is a great resource in which find all kinds of tournaments and analyze them. In addition, one of its strengths is the simplicity of its interface.

Fier Dardha Tegernsee Masters 2020 09 Chessbomb

Similarly, ChessGames is a community (founded in 2001 by Daniel Freeman and Alberto Artidiello) that has a huge database with historical chess games.

Oscar Panno Vs James T Sherwin 1953

Obviously, we can't forget about Twitch. In recent months, interest in chess-related streaming has grown and, in fact, some top players are using this service to broadcast their games.

Chessguy twitch

Obviously, there are many more resources on the Internet, but this can be a good starting point For those people who have gotten the bug and want to have fun and at the same time improve their technique.

Bobby Fischer used to say that "you can only be good at chess if you love the game". Watching others' games, reviewing historical tournaments, and analyzing the plays can help us love a game that has centuries of history.