7 functions that WhatsApp should add as soon as possible

If we compare WhatsApp with rivals like Telegram, we come up with all these functions that you still have to add to be a perfect communication app.

WhatsApp, a social platform used by billions of users every day, still far from having a perfect mobile application.

In this article, we dream for a few minutes with a perfect WhatsApp to tell you what are the functions I would have to add as soon as possible to reach a 10 out of 10.

Although there are several functions that WhatsApp will add before the end of the year, the ones we mention below they are not yet among them.

We do not roll more, let's talk about the 7 functions that WhatsApp should add as soon as possible to be perfecthear fighting rivals against Telegram.

Functions for a perfect WhatsApp

These are the functions that WhatsApp should add to be perfect.

Secret chats

It is essential that WhatsApp add as soon as possible the possibility of chat in private chats whose messages disappear with the passing of the hours.

This is the case with secret Telegram chats, a type of conversation in which messages cannot be forwarded, they disappear when X time passes, they are not stored on the servers platform and no screenshots can be taken.

Without any doubt, WhatsApp should offer this tool to users so that they can maintain extreme privacy conversations.

Responsible for WhatsApp, if you are reading us, We encourage you to "imitate" this Telegram function as soon as possible to be able to converse without fear of being read.

Editing sent messages

Another function that we ask WhatsApp is the one that allows edit sent messages, also present in rivals such as Telegram.

If message editing is available in WhatsApp, users would not have to delete a misspelled message to write it and send it again.

At the moment, it seems that the courier this option does not arise, so we can only continue to miss it when using the app.

Blur faces in images

This time, we look at Signal, considered one of the most secure and private messaging platforms today.

In 2018 we already commented that WhatsApp and Telegram should copy a function - notify when they take a screenshot - and we follow the same line now.

Specifically, in this case we want to talk about a Signal tool that blurs all faces in an image to maintain the privacy of the people who appear in it.

Before sending an image, you just have to activate the option "Blur faces" for Signal to do its job. So you can share photos without fear of compromising the privacy of other people you may not even know.

It is a very useful tool that, of course, we would like to see you very soon on WhatsApp.

Blur faces in Signal

Signal has a function to blur the faces that appear in a photo.

Schedule sending of messages

In WhatsApp you only have the option to send messages, audios, images or videos at the current moment, not later. Therefore, we think it would be interesting if the application had a specific function to schedule the sending of messages.

If those responsible for WhatsApp proposed it, they would only have to observe how telegram message scheduling works, his most direct rival.

Thus, they could integrate a message scheduling tool in which it is the user who decides the day, hour and minute in which the content is sent to the receiver, thus being able to even create reminders.

Reactions to messages

Reaction to messages is a simple tool, perhaps not very important, but it can be of some use if it is integrated into WhatsApp.

In this case, we imagine a function that allows you to react quickly to a message by clicking once on it and choosing from a series of emojis, like the heart or thumb up.

Thus, you would save time by not having to swipe a message to reply and look for the emoji in the WhatsApp icon catalog.

Also, we all know Facebook reactions, so Mark Zuckerberg's company would just have to copy your own idea and transfer it to WhatsApp.

Facebook Reactions

In a perfect WhatsApp, we imagine the integration of reactions to messages.

Customization of the app interface

We know that WhatsApp works on new functions, such as one to free up space in the app, but what about customizing the interface?

If we look at the rival platform, Telegram, we see that it has numerous themes to choose from to change the look of the application, and you can even create your own themes for Telegram.

Beyond being able to choose between dark mode, light mode and change the background of the conversations, the customization options in WhatsApp they are scarce.

Therefore, to a perfect WhatsApp we should demand more customization functions for adapt the application interface to our tastes.

Using multiple accounts at the same time

WhatsApp is finalizing the arrival of a function to use the same account on up to four different devices, but it has not yet spoken before another common request from users: power use more than one account on the same mobile.

Some smartphone brands allow you to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone, but it is not a native function of the communication platform. Further, depends on the terminal model that you have.

The use of two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile is especially useful for those who have an account for the work environment and another for staff.

Although the company does not appear to be considering introducing this feature at the moment, we are confident that it will be available in the not too distant future.

And so far the 7 functions that we would add to WhatsApp to make it perfect. In your opinion, What is missing from the communication platform? Do you also miss some of the features we talked about?