7 cheats and hacks to be God in games

Use cheats in PUBG Mobile and become a real threat to any opponent.

PUBG Mobile, without a doubt, is one of the best Battle Royale out there today. Although it has a large number of players in all parts of the world, there are many who are stagnant and cannot raise their level. Do you want to become a true expert? Then put these into practice PUBG Mobile tricks to be God in your online games.

Of course, remember that all these PUBG cheats on Android are perfected through practice. That is, you will have to play a few games to be able to dominate them to the maximum. Either way, pay attention to each of the hacks and use the ones you consider most useful.

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Wallhack in PUBG Mobile

As in almost all shooting games, there is also the hack of the wallhack in PUBG Mobile. This helps you gain the advantage of detecting your enemies even when they are not in your line of sight. Why is it called Wallhack? Because it allows you easily detect a player's location through walls.


In PUGB Mobile, wallhacks highlight the opponent in a bright green color. When you do a wallhack, you can easily see your enemies and attack strategically. How do you make a wallhack in PUBG Movile? Joining a match, dying on purpose, using the spectator option, and helping a teammate gain an unfair advantage. However, the company has implemented some changes to the game to prevent this from happening.

Extrasensory perception

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Extra Sensory Perception is another way to get an unfair advantage in PUBG Mobile. In addition to revealing the location of opponents, it also provides additional information that is very useful. This system injects a code into the game client that monitors all the data in the mobile memory.

We are talking about one of the most advanced PUBG Mobile hacks, since offers information about the opponent such as their health, distance, weapons used and much more. Additionally, one of its most popular features is the ability to identify items and players using radar-like guided lines.

Aimbot hack

The Aimbot is a hack that, like the wallhack, is seen in many shooting games. This trick will gives 100% accuracy in every shot you take. Some of these hacks don't even need your opponent to be very close, they simply redirect your shots towards the enemy's head.

Be careful, the Aimbot is one of the easiest PUGB Mobile cheats to detect. When you hurt someone even if they are hiding with full protection, there is a high probability that they will realize that you are using an Aimbot.

Speed ​​trick

In PUGB Mobile there are speed tricks that help you move fast within the game. However, they are not totally stable and sometimes have drawbacks.

The speed hack in PUGB Mobile it is very easy to detect and it is not difficult to kill a player who is using it. The extra speed is difficult to control, especially when driving any vehicle. Likewise, it is a trick that allows you to gain an advantage in short-range battles and move around the map at a faster pace than your opponents.

Jump hack

hack jump pubg mobile

Jump hack in PUBG Mobile

The jump hack in PUBG Mobile lets you jump really high and get a bird's eye view over the entire map. It is also called an antigravity trick, as the effect is similar to what would be experienced if there were no gravity. Although it is an effective trick for spotting and hunting enemies from above, it is very obvious and can be spotted easily.

Battle Points Cheat in PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile, Battle Points are used as a virtual currency that players earn after winning different matches. In addition, these can be exchanged for boxes of skins. Although skins don't give you any direct advantage, they could be useful if you're wearing a costume that has a texture similar to the map environment.

You can earn 20 battle points every time you kill an enemy, and you also get them after getting good scores at the end of a game. However, there are sites on the Internet that sell these points or you can also earn them on certain websites by browsing some ads for free.

You can too earn lots of battle points in PUBG by leaving AFK. How? Choosing a safe place within the battlefield where no more players pass. If you are idle and hide well, you will get Battle Points due to Survival Ratings. This is not a hack, but a totally safe hack that you can use in PUBG to earn battle points.

You have realized? There are a lot of cheats that can help you achieve victory. But if you want to win games legally, better take a look at this definitive PUBG Mobile guide with all the weapons, accessories and more. Also, you could also check out these other PUBG Mobile cheats that will help you win games. Become a threat on the battlefield!

And if you've already gotten bored with PUBG Mobile, the best thing you can do is install one of the 10 best shooter games for Android. You will surely find one that meets your expectations.