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540 liters of capacity and almost 600 euros

Xiaomi's new smart refrigerator is priced at 535 euros to change and a capacity of 540 liters.

A new product has just been added to the Xiaomi catalog. And this time it is not a mobile phone, a smartwatch or a television: it is the most advanced smart refrigerator never created by the company to date.

Its name is MIJIA Smart Refrigerator, and as its name suggests, it has been launched under the MIJIA brand dedicated to the development and production of devices for the connected home.

The refrigerator has a 540 liter capacity, and as such it is the largest that the company has launched to date. It is also the most expensive, priced at 642 dollars or 635 euros depending on the current exchange rate. Still, it falls far short in price of some of the more popular models from major appliance manufacturers.

New Xiaomi refrigerator

The new Xiaomi refrigerator.

This is the new Xiaomi smart refrigerator of 540 liters capacity

From December 1, residents of China will be able to purchase Xiaomi's new high-end smart refrigerator.

Until now, the company only offered models with 160, 170 and 450 liters, so this model ranks as the largest capacity refrigerator never created so far by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi fridge open

This is the Xiaomi smart refrigerator when it is open.

Count with one double door format, with adjustable shelves and a 189-liter freezer area to preserve food for longer.

Of course, it is a smart device connected under the umbrella of the Mijia ecosystem, so that it is possible control temperature and other parameters of the refrigerator through the mobile. In addition, it integrates a small screen in one of the doors from which to modify certain aspects of the operation of the appliance.