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5 things you have to keep in mind about payments on WhatsApp

Safety should always be ahead and these little recommendations are sure to help you.

Mobile payments on WhatsApp are already a reality, although they are not yet available in Spain. The last country to receive them was India and from there no type of anomalous behavior has been reported thanks, to a large extent, to the integration with the system based on the UPI –Unified Payment Interface– in collaboration with the National Organization of Payments of the Asian country.

Obviously, this operation will not be implemented in Spain, as each region will have its own peculiarities, although it will very similar behavior is expected. Therefore, before they work at full capacity in our country, we believe that there are a number of things that you should know and, thus, be able to anticipate what is coming.

Face future WhatsApp payments with full guarantee

Payments on WhatsApp

Payments are about to hit WhatsApp for everyone.

The first aspect that you should keep in mind is that the messaging app will never ask you for any type of banking information or payment method to configure the payment system. So, be very suspicious of any supposedly official message who wants to help you install payments by WhatsApp and that for this need your card number, for example. It smells like a scam from here to the moon.

Second, we believe it is necessary to indicate that if you have any incident with payments, you should contact your bank directly. There is no official customer service phone number by WhatsApp so please avoid calling the friends of the criminals who have scammed you.

Be careful where you press ...


We will think twice about touching the screen when mobile payments arrive.

As seen in other countries where the payments function is already active, once you click on the pay button, there is no going back. The money will fly from your bank account ipso facto, so be careful when you receive a payment request through the app.

Being careful where to press also applies to links that come to us through the app. We know that you are already alert, but it does not hurt to emphasize again that these links can serve as a gateway to a hack of your bank account.

Similarly, you do not carry your PIN under any circumstances nor any type of data in the chats. We repeat, it is not necessary for the function to operate correctly. Also, do not accept payments from contacts that you do not have saved or that you do not know, not even with a message that tells you that he is your friend. We recommend that you verify their true identity in another way.