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36 products that according to Mozilla you should not buy or with someone else's card

IF you were planning to buy or give away any of these products, remove them from the shopping cart.

We all like to take our credit card and spend all our savings in the various stores that flood the internet. What if smartphones, wireless headphones, computers, consoles ... and much more.

Now, buying on the internet has its risks because not only do you have to be careful in which store you buy one but also be careful what you buy. Why? Because according to Mozilla there are many electronic devices that do not respect the privacy of their users and that therefore it is better to avoid.

Not even if they give them to you: according to Mozilla, don't buy any of these devices

not buying

Unless it is to your worst enemy, better not give any of these products

Although Google Chrome is the most widely used browser today, we have all installed and tested Mozilla Firefox. Long ago it was one of the safest and most private browsers on the web and although today its popularity is no longer what it was, it still has many followers.

Well, as we read in Android Authority,Mozilla has made a list of technology products to avoid between now and the end of the year, especially now that we don't start with Black Friday at all.

Among the best-known products are some as popular as the NVIDIA Shield TV, the Kobo ebooks, the Huawei Honor Band 5 and Xiaomi Mi Band activity wristbands or the Oculus virtual reality glasses from Facebook. These products plus as many ++ make a total of 36 devices best to avoid ** as long as you have an appreciation for your privacy.

According to the creator of this list, Jen Caltrider, decided not to include any smartphone for the following reasons. Firstly because they did not want to make an endless list of products and secondly because they consider that mobile phones are less conducive electronic products to give to other people, unlike the rest of the gadgets on the list.

Therefore, if you are thinking of giving technological gifts this Black Friday or this Christmas, better take a look at the list that Mozilla shares and avoid all products classified as "privacy not include".