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3 things you should know if you are thinking of buying a Samsung Galaxy Note

Do you want to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note? Really?

Samsung has become the largest mobile phone brand in the world on its own merit thanks to such fantastic terminals as the Galaxy S20 range, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or surely one of their most popular devices, the Galaxy Note20.

The Galaxy Note family sets itself apart from other Android smartphones in one key respect, the S Pen. And although rumors suggest that the Note could disappear in the near future, They are one of the best phones that we can buy today.

However before buying a Samsung Galaxy Note You have to take into account a few aspects that you should carefully assess.

Is the S Pen decisive?


The S Pen turns an Android smartphone into a powerful productivity tool

The main reason to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note is the S Pen. The possibilities that this small accessory gives are immense and it allows a phone like the Galaxy Note become a powerful productivity tool.

So if for the use that you are going to give the terminal the S Pen it is not decisive, there are many similar alternatives in terms of specifications and above all, at a better price.

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 "not worth it"

Although we cannot classify the Samsung Galaxy Note20 as a bad phone, the truth is that its older brother the Note20 Ultra It is a much more recommended terminal.

The differences are not few so much in camera, RAM, screen and battery among other aspects. The most curious thing? That for the price that the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra costs it is much more worth it.

So be very careful with the Galaxy Note that you buy or could get you an unpleasant surprise.

The Note family could disappear

Google photos on a Galaxy Note20

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 could be the last "Note" we see

As we have said before, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 could be the last member of the family so if any of you are willing to buy one of these terminals, let him know that Samsung would be thinking of shelving them.

And not because the Note range has not been successful, on the contrary, but because the South Korean brand's plans would include make all high-end smartphones compatible with the S Pen.

If the leak is true, the line that separates the S and Note series of the Korean company would be even narrower, making the launch of such similar phones an expendable action.