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3 things you have to look at to know if your Xiaomi is original

If you think you have bought a fake Xiaomi ... follow these tips.

Buying a new phone is one of the most rewarding experiences out there today. Taking it out of the box, removing all the protective plastics, setting it up from scratch… a delight.

However, acquiring a smartphone can have its dangers, especially if we buy it on the internet. We do not talk about the fact of being correctly informed of the model that we are going to acquire and if it meets our expectations, but just not buying a fake.

Because indeed there are many online stores that, using really low prices, deceive consumers with counterfeits that really seem real. + Chinese phones are the preferred victims of these knockoffs especially Xiaomi*, which is one of the most sought after brands. Although any type of products such as chargers or powerbanks are also falsified.

So, How can we know if what we have bought is really an original Xiaomi product? By following these tips.

Check the IMEI number of the terminal


The IMEI is the number used to identify each phone on the market

This method is one of the most effective to know if a Xiaomi terminal is true or not. Knowing the IMEI number of the terminal - by dialing the number * # 06 # on the dial of our device -, we will only enter this code on the authentication page of the Xiaomi product.

Once this is done we will only have to wait for the results Since in the event that the IMEI does not correspond to a Xiaomi phone, the web will let us know, so we will have no choice but to claim the seller.

Check the quality of the box

Redmi 9 leaked

The box of Xiaomi devices is of poorer quality

Whether in the case of a smartphone, a powerbank or headphones, simply by looking at the quality of the box we will know if it is a fake or not. Obviously the counterfeit boxes are of poorer quality and the screen printing and colors used in it are not the same as in the originals.

In addition to this, there are also other indicators that should set us off alarms: the manufacturing stamp is printed instead of being a sticker or for example the logo is not the same as the original. If in spite of everything there are still doubts, one option is to go to an official Xiaomi store to compare it.

Check the quality of materials and accessories

mi 9t vs redmi note 8 pro

Xiaomi phones are of a much higher quality than knockoffs

There is also a third method to know if a Xiaomi device is true or not. Like the box is of much worse quality than an original, the fake products although similar to the sight, they are of a very inferior quality.

On the one hand quality of the materials. Plastic is not the same in durability or feel. Neither are cables, chargers or headphones the same, and while the originals are quite robust, in the fakes it seems that they are going to break.

Ultimately we have to stay with a fake product although it is very similar to the eye, usually has enough details that reveal that we are facing a copy. The quality of the box should already put us on alert and if the materials used are of low quality or make the product weigh little, surely we are facing a fake. Another method that works for smartphones is to enter the IMEI number on the Xiaomi website and if we are not sure, despite everything, it is better to process a return.

Of course avoid outrageous prices, especially in high-end phones. Because one thing is a good offer and quite another is that a 600 euro phone, they want to sell it to us for 200.