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2020 is bad enough, so YouTube has decided to cancel its famous Rewind

Luckily this 2020 we will not have YouTube Rewind.

For many obvious reasons, 2020 is not being the year that everyone thought it would be when it started.

Not only because the crisis that millions of people are experiencing around the world, but also because of the economic crisis that many companies are suffering.

However, not everything was going to be bad news. We have had to wait for almost 2020 to come to an end to receive good news: Google has decided to cancel its famous Rewind of each year.

Nobody wants to remember 2020 so there will be no Rewind on YouTube

YouTube Rewind

Finally good news

For those who do not know what Rewind is, it is a video that the great G has been making since 2010 and that features the most influential creators on YouTube, highlighting the most creative trends of the year. Something like the highlight of the year.

Well, as recognized by the official YouTube account on Twitter, this year there will be no Rewind. Even though 2020 has brought out the best in many people and we've seen great creations on YouTube, Google's platform believes that it is better to ignore this 2020 and pretend it never existed.

Certainly a pretty smart move by the big G. Not only because we also believe that 2020 is a year not to remember, but also by the precedents. The 2018 Rewind is the YouTube video with the most dislikes in history, with a total of 18 million. The 2019 one is not far behind since it is in the third position with 9 million dislikes.

For all this we are sure that the Rewind of 2020 would have surpassed that of 2018, obtaining an absolute record of dislikes and confirming what we have all known for a couple of years: that nobody likes YouTube Rewind.