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13 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google Arts & Culture

Finding your double in the art world, going to the Van Gogh Museum without leaving home ... These are all the things you can do thanks to Google Arts & Culture.

Do you like art Can you spend hours and hours touring a museum without getting bored? If so, you need to try Google Arts & Culture, one of the most unknown Google apps, but also one of the most interesting.

To end this general ignorance of Google Arts & Culture, we are going to make a list of 13 Amazing Things You Can Do If You Use This App of art and culture.

Visit museums without leaving home, transform your photos into works of art, explore works of art in high definition or learn more about a work in front of you are just some of those things you can do with Google Arts & Culture.

Next, we explain briefly what is Google Arts & Culture and how to download it to your mobile, to go on to talk about all those awesome features that make it up.

What is Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture App

Google Arts & Culture is a useful app as well as unknown.

As its name suggests, Google Arts & Culture is the Google application dedicated to art and culture, considered as a gateway to these worlds from your mobile phone.

Behind this great project, launched in 2011, is the Google Cultural Institute.

Thanks to Arts & Culture, you can enjoy without leaving home content from more than 2,000 museums and art institutions from 80 countries, such as the Tate Britain in London, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence or the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid.

With Arts & Culture you can not only see the works of different museums, because this platform puts at your disposal dozens of features you'll love if you are in love with art and culture.

To take advantage of all these Google Arts & Culture tools, you can download your free application from Play Store.

In addition, you can also access the Google Arts & Culture website.

What can you do with Google Arts & Culture?

Google Arts & Culture consists of dozens of tools focused on helping you explore the world of art and culture up close.

If you want to see Van Gogh's "The Starry Night", but can't travel to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, or if you want to find your double in a painting, but don't know how, Google Arts & Culture is there to help. .

Next, we will talk about the 13 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google Arts & Culture. We don't want to make you spoiler, but we tell you that you will love them if you like art -this has happened to us-.

Discover portraits that look like you

This feature is so innovative and interesting that went viral when it came to Arts & Culture.

We refer to Google Art Selfie, a tool on the cultural platform that allows you to find your double from the art world using your Android.

Although at first this feature could not be used in all countries due to legislative problems, Google worked to find the solution.

To discover portraits that look like you, open the app, click on the camera icon at the bottom and select "Art Selfie".

Then take a selfie and let Google Arts & Culture search your database for portraits pictorial that most resemble you.

Do you think you have found your double from the art world?

Discover what works of art look like in real size

Another curious feature of Google Arts & Culture is the one that allows you know the real size of the works.

You can often be wrong in thinking that a work is bigger or smaller than it really is. For example, some people imagine that Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is big and are surprised to stand in front of her for the first time at the Louvre Museum.

To end these mistakes there is Art Projector, a function that you can access through the camera button located on the main page of the app.

Also, you will have to install Google Play services for Augmented Realityas the function uses this technology.

Once installed, you just have to focus with the camera around you and see what space the artwork would occupy.

Thus, you can discover what its real size is

Browse artwork in high definition

Besides knowing the actual size, another amazing thing you can do with the Google culture app is explore a work in high definition.

This function, called Art Camera, allows you to examine in great detail the dozens of works that make up the platform's catalog.

Some of them are Brueghel's "Tower of Babel" or "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt.

Enter Art Camera, select the work you want to explore and take your time to see every detail Of the same.

Without a doubt, one of the most outstanding functions of Google Arts & Culture.

Find artworks from a color palette

If you like the colors in a photo and want to find works of art with the same shades, you can use the “Color Palette” tool.

Click on the camera button, select "Color Palette" and upload or take the photo with colors you like.

Automatically, the Google algorithm will start working to recommend those works of art with the same color palette than the image you have chosen.

Explore the history of art by era and by color

Since we are talking about color, we take the opportunity to explain another tool available in Google Arts & Culture, ideal for lovers of art history.

Access the Explore menu - compass icon in the bottom bar - and scroll down until you find the section "Browse by era and color".

Next, you can click on the "Date" section, with a chronological line through which you can scroll to find the art of each era, from 8,000 a.

C. to the present.

You can also click on "Color", with a color bar through which you can move to find works with the tones you select.

Explore date and color Google Arts Culture

This is the "Browse by date and color" function.

Know information about a work in front of you

The "Art Recognizer" function is also very useful, which shows all the information you need to know about a work of art in front of you.

With only focus with the camera of your mobile towards the workEven if you don't have an Internet connection, Google Arts & Culture expands the information offered by the museum.

Unfortunately, this function is only available in selected museums and institutions, so you will not be able to use it with any artistic creation you want.

Translate the description of a work in a museum

Translating the content of museum exhibitions is another amazing thing you can do with the help of the Google Arts & Culture app.

To do this, when you are visiting an exhibition on the platform, click on the "Translate" button and you can read the content in your language.

Turn your selfies into works of art

One of the functions integrated by Google in Arts & Culture in 2020 is the one that allows you to turn your selfies into works of art, literally.

We are talking about the “Art Filter” function, which consists of applying filters based on iconic artifacts to your images.

To start using it, click on the camera on the main screen and click on "Art Filter".

Then, select the filter you want to apply and see how you fit with the elements of the most popular works of art.

This way you will get some selfies that you will want to share immediately on WhatsApp and Instagram.

Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts & Culture allows you to turn your photos into works of art.

Visit museums and exhibitions without leaving home

Visiting museums without leaving home and without paying a single euro is possible thanks to Google Arts & Culture, which offers you interesting tours of thousands of museums and galleries in different countries.

Enter the "Museums" section and choose which one you want to explore through virtual reality.

In some of them, you can take guided tours of exhibitions selected by experts.

See videos about art in 360º

Google Arts & Culture also has a 360º video catalog that will allow you to delve even deeper into art from all angles.

Use the magnifying glass to search for "360º Videos" and you will be able to find all the content of these characteristics. Click on the one that interests you the most and move your mobile phone to fully explore the video.

Find museums near your location

Another useful tool of the Google cultural application is the one that allows you to find museums near your location.

If you are in an unknown city and want to visit a cultural institution, you can click on the button with location icon located on the bottom bar.

In this way, you will be able to see on the map the museums and exhibitions that are near you, how far away they are and their hours.

Save and share your favorite artworks

If you are browsing Google Arts & Culture and discover a work that you like a lot, you can add it to the "Favorites" section by clicking on the button with the heart icon that appears next to all the collections, exhibitions and works.

To check everything you have saved in your profile, click on the button in the heart of the bottom bar, which will take you directly to "Favorites".

Also, from the "Galleries" section, you can group your favorite images to create your own galleries.

Transform your images into art

The last amazing thing you can do with Google Arts & Culture is transform your images into works of art with the tool called “Art Transfer”.

You just have to open the Camera menu from the bottom bar and click on "Art Transfer". Then take a photo or upload it from your phone gallery, and choose the art style to transform it, like the paintings of Frida Kahlo or Vincent Van Gogh.

While the changes are being applied, the application will show you curious facts about the work selected for transformation.

In a few seconds, your image will have changed and it will be turned into a real work of art with the help of Google Arts & Culture.