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€ 100 discount for Apple AirPods V2

Stop imitations, you can get the authentic AirPods at a discount.

The Apple AirPods are available on AliExpress by 79.99 euros.

We talk about the second version, the 2019 model. Start enjoying wireless music from the leaders.

But nevertheless, there is something you should keep in mind. This offer will be available next November 11th, date on which the World Shopping Day on AliExpress.

What you should do is add the headphones to your cart today and buy them during the indicated day by applying the coupon AIRPODS40.

Some scientists are warning that AirPods and other bluetooth headphones could cause cancer

Apple AirPods, the world's best-selling wireless headphones.

Buy the AirPods at the best price

The little Apple headphones are very light, you can wear them for hours without any discomfort. Of course, they arrive next to a small charging case in which they will recover energy when you need it.

For less than 100 euros they are a highly recommended purchase.