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They create a version of the Chrome dinosaur game in which we have 26 weapons to defend ourselves

Being without an Internet connection is one of the things that, for many, can give us more complications on a day-to-day basis. Fortunately, for a few years Chrome includes a small game with which you can entertain yourself while you are offline.

This kind of easter egg It has aroused all kinds of passions, so much so that they came to hack it in order to control it with their own body movements or to recreate it in real life using JavaScript.

Weapons to the rescue

Today we are going to present another amazing version, which takes this simple game one step further. It's called Dino Swords, and it's an alternate version in which the tyrannosaur has a list of weapons with which to defend yourself.

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That means that now we can do more than jump to avoid the cactus, and each time we catch a weapon, below it will appear in which key it is assigned to be able to use it.

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In this way, we can call upon a gigantic sword (reminiscent of the Cloud in 'Final Fantasy VII'), a chainsaw, a flamethrower or a baseball bat to defend ourselves from the catus that appear.

Dino Swords Adds 26 Different Weapons To Your Browser S Chrome Dino Game Product Hunt

In total there are 26 different weapons, which make this simple game much more fun. The weapons that we are getting will appear on the virtual keyboard that appears at the bottom.

Dino Swords Adds 26 Different Weapons To Your Browser S Chrome Dino Game Product Hunt

So, they challenge us to try to find and unlock them all, and see the different effects they have against these peaked plants that lead us directly to "Game Over".