Avira Premium & Avira Security Suite Subscription Free For One Year

A wonderful promotion from Avira for everyone who concern for their Internet Security. Actually many know that Avira is running promotion, but none know that they are running promotions. There are actually 7 Avira promotions which give Avira Premium and Avira Premium Security free for more than one year free.

Here are the links to those promotions :

Promotion NameProductValid daysLinks
Computer ActiveAvira Premium30 dayshttps://license.avira.com/en/promotion-t0q1aatr05zwftftgnqr
PC AdvisorAvira Security Suite91 dayshttps://license.avira.com/en/promotion-cj0ptfb6eh8cmw6a101r
Dennis publicationsAvira Premium91 dayshttps://license.avira.com/en/promotion-6dl7vtc3unbw2mzefr1b
No Hoax campaignAvira Security Suite91 dayshttps://license.avira.com/en/promotion-0vplf6s3gy16a8zc3s0d
ubisoftAvira Security Suite91 dayshttps://license.avira.com/en/promotion-hylm9fbv7chaxs8zbl83
PC-WeltAvira Premium30 dayshttps://license.avira.com/en/promotion-6788wuyfuyluz7c2sa7z
O2Avira Security Suite91 dayshttps://license.avira.com/de/promotion-j0mhc32ccgdwatzey42z

= 17 months
By these promotions everyone is going to get Avira Premium 5 months and Avira Security Suite 12 months FREE!!!.

Notes : Make sure you get new license after previous license is expired, because if you register to all these promotions at a time then you get only upto 3 months. So you register to these promotions one after the other. Then only you get upto 17 months. Let's hope that Avira maintain these promotions until next year.