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How to get Flat Stomach through proper DIET without Excercise

Would you like to have a flat stomach so you can wear those two-piece swimsuits you have been holding off? If yes, then all you have to do is have these snacks daily and you will be on your way to have a flat stomach and wearing those swimsuits.
To avoid having a bloated body you need to eat foods rich in calcium. 1000 mg of calcium. Researches found out that eating foods rich in calcium before you bare (nearly) all may assist in the deflation of PMS puffiness in addition to bloat which is an outcome from consuming salty foods.

For you to have the 1000mg of calcium try these combination of :
1 cup of low fat milk (contain 290 mg calcium)

8 oz of low fat plain yogurt (contain 415 mg calcium)

2 1/2 oz of low fat cheddar cheese (contain 295 mg calcium).

To fend off fat and obtain a flat stomach, eat a quarter cup of almonds. Researches found out that when substituting not so healthful foods with almonds, a person will be able to shed off additional weight and remove more waistline despite the fact that almonds contain additional calories and fat than other snacks. The healthy fat in almonds makes you satisfied and prevent you from taking further snacks.
Fruits and vegetables which is rich in water can make you feel full. Consume 2 cups of melons or tomatoes, which made of over 90 percent of water. These water rich fruits and vegetables will fill you up with much less calories.
Consume these snacks daily and you will be able to have a flat stomach soon.