How To Format Memory Card Of A Mobile Phone

There may be some occasions where we need to format a memory card because of virus problem or slower speed of the mobile phone or any other problem. So here I am providing with you the step by step process to format the memory card of a mobile phone. To format a memory card you need a Memory card reader as shown below.

Note: Take backup of your important data such as contacts, messages, downloaded ring tones, wallpapers, snaps taken by you etc. before formatting the memory card becoz all data will be lost after formatting the memory card

There are varieties of memory card readers are available in the market. Take a better one for you. Here are the steps to do so.

step 1: Insert the memory card into memory card reader which is to be formatted.

(There are many type of memory cards available in the market such as SD/MMC , Mini, Micro, SM/XD, MS/MSPRO, CF/MD etc) So insert the memory card in the appropriate slot of the card reader. If you don't have a Micro slot in the memory card reader then you need a adapter for it and then you can insert into MMC slot.

step 2: Plug your memory card reader in any of the USB (universal serial bus) port of your computer. It might be on the front of the PC or may be at the back of the PC.

step 3: Then open My Computer

step 4: Right click the drive that belongs to card reader and choose FORMAT from the menu. (A window appears on the screen)
step 5: and then choose the desired file system type from file system drop down menu.

step 6: type in the volume label for your memory card in the volume label text box and then press Start button to start formatting of the memory card.
step 7: A warning message will be appeared on the screen showing that all the data in the memory card will be erased. Press Ok button to start formatting process.

step 8: A message will be appeared on the screen "Format complete". Means your memory card is successfully formatted.

Note: If other than this message is appeared on the screen such as "Memory card is write protected" then

>> Check the lock of the memory card adopter if you are using a adopter.
>> Check whether memory card is inserted into card reader properly
>> Check whether memory card is inserted into the adopter properly or not if you are using adopter for micro.