Send A Scrap To All Your Orkut Friends At Once!

Do you know how to send a common scrap to all your Orkut friends? Yes, this is possible once again. Earlier people were using several javascript codes to send a common scrap to all friends at once. But later Orkut took steps and as the result most of those scripts did not work later. But somehow I managed to get a working trick to send scrap to all Orkut friends at once.

Scrap To All Orkut Friends At Once :

1)Copy the below Javascript code.


2)Paste the code in your browser’s address area (where you type

3)Press Enter to activate the javascript code.

4)Follow the steps as directed there and your scrap will be posted in all your friend’s scrapbooks.

5)You are done.

NOTE : Use this javascript code once in every six hours only. Using this frequently, might freeze your account.