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How To Send Fax From Cell Phone [ With Qipit ]

If you are a busy person who’s out of office and a fax machine is not in your reach to send fax, you don’t need to worry now. All you need is, a cell phone with inbuilt camera in it and GPRS activated for you to be able to connect to the internet.

Qipit is a cool service that lets you send Fax from your cell phone, without the need of any external hardware or any software installed on your cell phone.

Send Fax From Cell Phone With Qipit

Take snap shot of documents or pictures using your cell phone, logon to Qipit and send the document or picture as a fax, or email it right away. If you want to share the document as a PDF, Qipit provides simple functionality where in you can convert the documents to pdf and you can mail them, all in real time, right from where ever your are sitting.

Qipit works with most mobile phones, and if you have a cell phone with a better quality camera, then the out will be very clear and legible.

If you have to share class notes with your study group, it means you have to stand around the copy machine for hours together. Now you can use Qipit and send the notes to everyone in one click !

Register freely with Qipit and try it’s service immediately !