How To Hide Orkut Album Photos from Friends

To hide Orkut photo albums from your friends, follow these below steps.

1. Login to your Orkut profile.

2. From your profile, navigate to Settings >> Privacy >> Scroll down below to find album settings.

3. If you have many photo albums and want to hide few ones only, click on the drop down menu next to Albums and select “Choose per album” option.

4. Now from the below albums list, select one album and click on Edit link associated with that album.

5. A new window will pop up asking you to select photo sharing permissions for that album.

6. Delete all friends, groups, contacts from the right hand side menu and make it accessible by no one.

7. You are done.

You can repeat step 4 and 5 to hide more photo albums from your friends. This will not delete any of your photos or albums, they will remain safe. It is just that no one can see those photos. And yes, you will be having access to those photos and can change the settings to allow friends or anyone to view your album photos again by following above steps.