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How To Get New Gadgets In Windows Vista Sidebar

If you are using Windows Vista, you definitely will know the cool sidebar feature it comes with. Cool or not depends on individual choice. Some like to keep their desktop clean and unobstructed (these folks would not like the sidebar feature turned on :) ), while others like to spice it up to life with a lot of widget options that are available.

Also if you are one of those who has an enormous monitor then you most likely would love to have Vista’s Sidebar, that gadget-packed strip along the desktop’s right edge and the same is not true if you have a small monitor, as it will be a bothersome waste of space.

Here’s how you can get your Sidebar to life in Vista :

1> Right-click the little icon (shown in the margin) in the taskbar’s Notification Area -that icon packed area next to the desktops clock

2> Choose Show Sidebar.

By default, Sidebar will have a couple of built-in widgets like a calendar and stock ticker (widgets are minuscule programs that snap on and off their panel). To see these, click the little plus sign near the Siderbar’s top, A Window pops up offering the currently available gadgets. If you want to get more new gadgets for your sidebar, then click the Get More Gadgets online to visitGadget nirvana: A web site packed with Gadgets, ready for the picking.