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How To Convert DVD To MPEG4 And Other Video Formats

Handbrake is software compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux operating systems, which is an open sourced, multi-threaded cross platform video transcoder application.

HandBrake makes video encoding easy in its compatible operating systems through theora codec. The latest version makes it possible to convert video files currently present in your computer, any movies or video files can be converted into a modern format that is usable on computers, mobile electronic devices and media centers.

Since handbrake can convert not just DVDs but also any type of video input to MPEG4 or H.264 video it is now more flexible than ever. This new feature has been made possible from the incorporation of FFmpeg project. This means you can use this transcoder and encoder software to convert digital camera’s AVI videos.

HandBrake now decrypts DVDs with VLC rather than the libraries normally used for this purpose. So you have to install VLC on your system if your application folder does not have this utility.

If you are an Apple user, HandBrake gives you the advantage of well organized presets, reading ZFS volumes and a better queue. The universal and iPod presets have also been updated. However the updating has to be manually started through the corresponding menu option. There is also a great enhancement in video quality. Multithreaded interlacing and the decomb filter for deinterlacing are other valuable features of this program. Its audio-video sync has DVD quality now. There is complete sound track control too.

Downloading the GUI or command line editions of HandBrake will be great value addition for your system.