Apple iPhone 3GS Available in INDIA by August ( Guided Tour and features )

iPhone 3G S launched in US , you all must be eager to know when it will be available in India ,As per latest news India’s leading GSM telecom operators -- Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Essar -- are set to bring Apple’s latest iPhone, called iPhone 3G S, to India in August. 3G S is a GSM cell phone that's also an iPod, a video camera, and a mobile Internet device with email and GPS maps. The iPhone 3G S would make its debut in India in August, but date and the pricing for the country is not announced yet.In US it is costing 99$,199$ and 299$ for 8 gb, 16 gb and 32 gb versions respectively .So we can expect it to be around 5000 to 15000 rs .