System Restore Troubleshooting Solution (Tips for restoring your computer successfully)

I can manually create a restore point or let it make its own. In either case, I am not able to restore the computer to any of the restore points created. I always receive a message that says the restore could not be completed. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem or am I faced with a reinstallation of the operating system?
Below, you will find some System Restore troubleshooting tips to help you successfully restore your computer.
1) If you receive an error message when trying to use the System Restore tool, be sure to make a note of the error message and follow any contained instructions. Most of the errors will give a description of the error and instructions to help you resolve the issue.
2) Be sure that you have plenty of disk space available where your System Restore tool is enabled.
3) Be sure that the System Restore tool is actually running. here's how you can tell:
A. Go to Start>> Run. Type in: compmgmt.msc [Enter] or click OKB. In the Computer Management window, expand the Services and Applications category.C. Click ServicesD. Scroll the right pane until you see System Restore Service listed. be sure that it says "Started". If it says "Stopped", then you will need to double click the entry and click the "Start" button to start the System Restore Service.
4) Try running System Restore in Safe Mode.
5) Try viewing the event logs to determine a probable cause of the error. here's how:
A. Go to Start>> Control PanelB. Select Administrative ToolsC. Click on Computer ManagementD. Expand Event ViewerE. Select System
When viewing the event logs, it will make it easier to click the "Source" tab to sort the events by name. You will then be looking for errors named "sr" or "srservice". Once you have identified the logs, you can double click the log to view a description of the error and a possible resolution.