Safety Tips FOR Children's when Using Internet (MUST GUIDE FOR PARENTS)

General Guidelines:
>>Place your computer in an open room with the monitor facing out. This allows you to see and control what is occurring on the Internet.

>> Educate your children about the Internet, both the positives and the potential dangers.

>> Bookmark child-friendly web sites. This allows your children to easily get to safe sites that they have used before.

>> Teach your children that Internet safety means never giving out personal information over the Internet.* Share your Internet child safety experiences, both good and bad, with others.

>> Never allow your children to meet with someone from an online session unless the parent approves.* Know the parents of your children's friends.

>> Teach children to never open email from someone they don't know.

>> Never respond to an unsubscribe on a pornographic email. If you or your child receives a message that is harassing, of a sexual nature, or threatening, forward a copy of the message to your ISP, and ask for assistance.

>> Teach your children to refrain from chat rooms.

>> Don't install Peer-to-peer applications. A high percentage of what occurs with children and peer-to-peer applications is related to either illegal or immoral activities.

>> Teach children to crash and tell. If they encounter a bad experience, they should feel comfortable in immediately turning off the computer and talking with a parent about the experience.