How to Clear Unnecessary Files to Free Up Space in Hard Disk

After you have used your PC for a while, you will have accumulated lots of unnecessary files and other 'junk', this can slow your PC down, so here is how to remove it...Open an Internet Explorer window [it doesn't matter if you are connected to the Internet or not].Go to Tools>Internet OptionsClick on 'Clear History' and then on 'Yes' in the dialog box to clear the 'Memory' of all the pages you have visited recently.Click on 'Delete Files' and then check 'Delete all off-line content' before clicking OKClick on 'Delete Cookies' and then on 'Yes' in the dialog box.Click OK in 'Internet Options' and then close Internet Explorer.Open 'My Computer'Double-click on your hard drive [usually C:]If there is a folder called 'temp' in the list, it can be deleted.If there are any folders named $WINDOWS.~, they can be deleted also.Close the Explorer window you have been working on, so you can see the desktop.Right-click on the icon 'Recycle Bin' and then on 'Empty Recyle Bin' in the menu which appears.Click 'Yes' in the dialog box which appears.You can also remove files and programs that you have not used for a while by using the harddisk cleaning tool that comes with Windows.
1. Open My Computer
2. Right click on the drive you want to clean.
3. Go down to the bottom of the menu and click 'Properties.'
4. A window should appear.
5. On the lower right corner of the pie chart that tells how much free space is left on that disk you should see a button that says 'Disk Cleanup.'
6. Click it.
7. A small window will appear that says 'Disk Cleanup.'
8. When the progress bar is full (this may take 5-10 min) another window should appear.
9. Click an object a description of what it is appears on the bottom half of the screen.
10. If you want to delete it click it's check box.
11. When you're done click OK
12. A window appears that checks to see if you want to preform the actions you selected. Click Yes.
13. A window should appear telling you how much it has deleted so far.
{Note} Running ths program can possibly free up 1GB of Disk space!
15. Congratulations! Your PC should run a lot better now!Note : Similarly you can free up hard disk space by clearing system restore files.To do this , Open My Computer. Right Click on the Main Drive (usually C:).Now click on Properties. From the window that appears select Disk Cleanup. Now select More Options Tab from the top. In the third option System Restore click on Clean.Hence empty space can be increased.