Faster Start Up and Turn Off Your Computer (PC)

When you have Windows installed for several month or more it can become very slow. It's not only your programs run slower than usual but also Shut Down and Start Up time increases a lot. What you can do to make computer turn off and start up faster? One way is to reinstall windows or add more RAM but if you have many programs instaled which you need to use everyday, you can not afford to go with fresh Windows installation. Searching for drivers alone could cost you a half day. Buying RAM is good but also needs time and investment.
The easiest way to decrease up and down time for your computer is to use hibernate function. Off course you know about hibernating but do you really used it? You will be impressed with the results. It can take up to 2 or 3 minutes for old and stuffed computer to shut down but with hibernating you can leave your computer after 15-20 seconds. Starting up also takes much less time.
The main concept of hibernating is that computer saves all the information of working Windows OS to the hard drive and later only has to load already working Windows session. You can even watch DVD movie from the point where you left before hibernating.
How to use hibernation?
Press Start button and as usual select Turn of Computer. On the popup window press Shift and you will see that Standby button changes to Hibernate. Press it and you're done. Literally you can continue one session even a month if you never shut down your computer fully. But I suggest you to do so once in a while because sometimes one program can become unstable and you will load that error again and again, but if everything works fine you can hibernate as much as you want.