How to remove new folder exe or regsvr exe or autorun inf virus

Remove virus usually eatsup empty hard disk space of around 700 MB .So it is important to medicate your PC once if your PC get affected by this virus.

This virus is know popularly as regsvr.exe virus, or as new folder.exe virus and most people identify this one by seeing autorun.inf file on their pen drives, But trend micro identified it as WORM_DELF.FKZ. It is spreading mostly using this pen drives as the medium.

Download New Folder virus removal tool, unzip it, and double click on RemoveVirus.bat file. Tell me if you get rid of virus in comments section.or Try these tools.

In order to remove the newfolder.exe virus you can use two types of tools, the tools mentioned below are much better:

Newfolder Virus removal tool .1.Download it from here 2.Download it from here