Use your Free GMail Space As a Storage Media Device

Ever you thought to backup your important files in a separate storage media device? May be you need another separate device for store some files other than backup. Gmail Drive will be the best solution.
Gmail offer 7.10GB space for its account holders. What is Gmail driver doing is allow us to use this space as a storage media. In another word it supplies an interface for dealing with that free space easily.
GMail Drive adds a new drive to the computer under the My Computer folder, where your hard drive portions exist. With the interface supplies by the Gmail Driver we can easily copy and drag and drop files to the Gmail space. Literally GMail Drive is a shell extension tool that creates a virtual file system in a computer.
>First you need to download Gmail Driver From here (Freeware)
>Install it to your system as you normally deal with any software.
>Right after you install Gmail Driver you can notice a new icon appears at under “MY COMPUTER“ folder named "GMail Drive"
>Right click on it and select "Login As" and in the appeared window enter your Gmail account information to login to your account.
>Right after login to your account you can deal with your newly installed store device as you normally deal physical hardware device.

Note:All files you copied into the drive you newly created with Gmail Drive are store at your Gmail account. When ever you login to your account with your browser you can notice all those files are appear in your account as newly received mails.Also you can use 2, 3 or any much email accounts as store media devices

Free space we don’t need to pay for it.
It’s possible to use any amount of accounts, in other word unlimited space.
It’s taking time to upload and download files, slow internet users can get more benefit from this.
Only the person, owner of the account can deal with uploaded files (files can’t download through a specified url)