How to Disable / Turn Off Error Reporting Service in Windows XP

Error reporting is a service that was introduced by Microsoft for windows XP users.Whatever they expected error reporting is completely annoyed thing for me. Whenever my computer encounter an error there will be annoyed nag screen appear and ask me for reporting this error to Microsoft. As I never use this error reporting service I thought to remove it completely from appearing every time.
Even though I'm still willing to know about errors that are occur to my pc. So still I'm using critical error notification service so I can keep track with my pc.
step1:First go to "start" then Right-click on the "My Computer" icon in the Start menu and select "Properties" and this will open "System Properties window"
step2:Click on the "Advanced" tab
step3:Locate the button called "Error Reporting" ( bottom right of the System Properties window) "Error Reporting" window will be appear
step4:Check the "Disable error reporting”. You are advisable to leave the tick in the check box says "But notify me when critical errors occur"
(Note:Highly advice you to use this error notification service without disabling, otherwise you'll notable get any clue about things that are happen to your pc.)
step5:Click "OK" to exit the "Error Reporting" and again click "OK" for exit System Properties.