Compress 1GB Data/Movie to 10MB , KGP Converter

Compressing 1GB Data into 1MB,an exciting live trick demonstrated here. Really it is possible with the KGB Freeware (Open source) software.
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The procedure is very simple.In general you can compress the data in two ways.
1) KGB format
2) ZIP format
Everyone knows the ZIP format. I am here to tell you which is better and useful. If you do it in KGB format it takes 5-6 hours on a 256mb RAM to compress 1 GB data/movie in less than 10 MB ,even to decompress it takes the same time. ZIP is the commonly used compression type but has some particular disadvantage with respect to this issue,so you need KGB archiver only for this format to decompress. But if you do it in ZIP format it takes 6-7 hours on a 256 MB ram, but I tell you its worth because WINRAR & WINZIP both can decompress it in seconds. Hope now its clear that which format to use and which is better.
How to use KGP software?
1.Double click on the KGP icon and run the application.
2.It asks for which file you want to compress.
3.Select the file.
4.After you select,you get two options in which format you want to compress it. ZIP format ( I prefer ) and then set compression level to maximum (maximum the compression level , small the size of it will be compressed).

Just ignore the time given below it because it is not the real compression time. There is also an option that you can auto shutdown your computer once the compression is over.So you can go school/college/office & keep it to get compressed.

I usually will do the same.Enjoy this trick!!