Windows Media Player 12 for Vista

Windows Media Player 12, the upcoming Windows media player software that will be released on Windows 7. The interface of Windows Media Player 12 is similar like Windows Media Player 11 which Windows media Player 12 has brighter look and lighter processing than WMP11plus more advance WMP features included.But Microsoft is not planning to release Windows Media Player 12 yet.
Steps to install Windows Media Player 12 For Vista:
Before doing installation, make sure you follow the step clearly and create a restore in your computer. This way you can be sure nothing goes wrong with your current version of Windows Media Player.
1. Backup wmploc.dll from C:\Windows\System32
2. Backup Windows Media Player folder from C:\Program Files
3. Copy wmploc.dll from downloaded files in C:\Windows\System32
4. Copy Windows Media Player folder from downloaded files to C:\Program FilesMeanwhile, This Windows media player 12 has been taken from the original files of Windows Media Player 12.0.7000.7000 from Windows 7 Build 7000.

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