Use USB Pen Drive or External Memory on Hard disk for Speed Up Computer without Additional RAM Memory

If you are looking for increase the computer performance probably you’ll need to buy an additional RAM. Anyway still you want to make quite faster your computer without buying any additional resources and using only exiting materials then this is something similar for your needs.eboostr is a software which facilitate to use extra memory space on the hard drive or your pen drive to improve computer respond time and performances.

About Eboostr

Eboostr is quite similar to vista ReadyBoost and SuperFetch technology which use flash memory to speedup computer overall performance.Eboostr gathers statistics about applications you use and how often and optimizing their performance by pre-caching their files and data on different cache devices and allowing faster access speed and reduced delays.

How to use eBooster:

First you have to download the eboostr. Trial version will never expire, although it works only four hours after every start of your pc. If you need continuously use it then you have to restart your computer again and again and it'll allow 4 hour for using it after every restart.

Install eboostr and open, eboostr Control Panel

Click Add button.

Select the memory device which has good enough memory it can be your pen drive or hard drive

Change the cache size. Normally it is enough to set your cache size for 4GB more than 16GB no sense

Click ok at this time it will ask you for building cache in selected device and allocated memory space, click ok.After it builds the cache, you're ready for using it. Finally don't forget to measure your speed by eBoostr SpeedMeasure Tool.

Drop your idea about purchasing RAM anymore to increase perforamnce of your PC.Your Pendrice will do the part.!!