Increase your Computer and Internet connection speed

Sometimes, your computer or internet connection speed becomes slower than usual. There is not any specific cause for this; this can be rectified by Disc or Registry Cleanup, Fixing the disc errors etc.
There are small softwares, which can help you to rectify these kinds of problems. Auslogics is such a award winning utility. It is easy and simple to use. You just need to run the program on a weekly basis to clean up disks and the registry, fix errors, and tune up the one-size-fits-all Windows settings to your particular computer configuration.
This will reduce the computer start up and shutdown time, improve Internet speed, and tweak Windows to its top performance.
Its latest version 4.1.3 has the ability to track eraser and disk wiper stability. It also improves the Registry Cleaner compatibility, and adds Firefox browser support to Speed Optimizer.

It has following main components:
>Uninstall manager
>Start up manager for boot cycle customizations
>RAM and browser optimizers
>File shredder
>DirectX diagnostic
>Windows tweak manager
>Rescue centre that can back up any settings before you change them
It also holds several other functionalities to manage Windows settings.All these things are also available as different softwares utilities. But, the convenience of having all these tools located under one roof is a good thing.

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