Google Chrome Gets Full Screen Mode, Duplicate Tabs Trick

Google Chrome has turned out from being a newbie browser, to a pretty widely used one these days, and the developers have been releasing updates to the browser, making Chrome more and more better day by day.
In the latest feature released to the Developer Channel of Google Chrome, they have released the option for full-screen browsing.

To enter full screen browser press the F11 key on your keyboard, however there is no address bar available in the full screen mode, so you will have to get out of full screen to be able to type in another URL.
Google Chrome also has an option to duplicate any given tab, this feature allows users to easily move over cookies and other session related content from one tab to another, to duplicate a tab, right click on any of the tab you want to duplicate and click on the Duplicate Tab option. Please note, the duplicate tabs feature is available in regular version of Google Chrome too.
If you are not a developer channel user, you will not see the new features in your Google Chrome, however if you are looking to start using the development channel, our KISS Geeks website has a handy tutorial on How To Get The Latest Development Versions of Google Chrome.