Copy Text on One Computer and Paste it on Another

With this Firefox Addon, you can share text between computers. You can copy and paste text between computers simply with ctrl+c and ctrl+v. This addon lets you copy text instantly between Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is perfect if you use two computers side by side. The Copy and Paste Addon works between computers when Firefox is running with ctrl+c and ctrl+v (cmd+c and cmd+v on Mac). This add-on shares your text clipboard between computers so you can copy and paste text between computers instantly, even from a Mac to a PC. To set up Copy And Paste, add desired computers IP Addresses to the Copy And Paste Preferences in the Firefox menubar at Firefox->Tools->PonPon - Copy And Paste. Ensure that Firefox is running on the local and remote computers when trying to share text.

Please note that this addon works only for texts, you cannot copy and paste images.
Download this Addon for Firefox Here